Our referees officiate over games and scrimmages, and are present at our training sessions to assist with clean, safe play, as well as to educate our skaters to the highest standard of rules knowledge. That commitment requires a lot of referees, and we are always looking to recruit more willing officials to join our crew. If you want to become a ref, but can’t skate yet, we’ll invite you to Monday night new skater training until you can skate to the minimum reffing standards, from where you can move on to dedicated training with the team.

Non Skating Officials (NSOs)

If you would like to NSO and have no interest in skating, then we’d be delighted to welcome you into our league, train you up, and cherish the benefit of your dedicated support.

We can’t do it without you…

Our coaches and members cultivate an environment of respect and support for those who volunteer their time and expertise so that we can play. Your contributions are valued and will not go unnoticed by our skaters and team management. We have the highest regard for our officials and are dedicated to supporting you throughout your journey with us.