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The Knights are dedicated to creating a sustainable roster of players that will endure far beyond the inaugural roster, and that can only be achieved through theconstant recruitment of new, fresh skaters, many of whom will have never worn skates before. New skaters are invited to attend the Rainy City Roller Derby New Skater Training held every Friday, where they’ll be taken from their first steps on skates, through to passing their minimum skills assessment and moving on to train with the Knights, all the while under the supervision of the experienced Rainy City coaches, who will ensure that you’re always safe, and having fun.

Jammer Party

Of course, you might have been born on skates, or be competing in other skate sports and fancy a change, in which case, we still want to hear from you. All applications from experienced skaters will be handled by our coaching team, who will assess your ability and decide how to bring you into the team with a set of derby skills, ensuring the safety of both you and your new teammates.

How to Sign Up

If you have never skated before, we invite you to attend New Skater Training. This session is held every Friday, 7:00pm-9:00pm and costs £6. Rainy City Roller Derby skaters will teach you all the skills required to skate, stop and fall safely, and allow you to learn and practise the skills required to play the game.

Once you have reached a good level of competency, you will be eligible to attend dedicated men’s roller derby training, held weekly on Saturdays 10:30am-12:30pm.

Please email with your name and skate size, so we can ensure we have some gear for you.

Got Skate Skills Already?

If you have any prior skating experience, whether it’s roller hockey, jam skating, dance skating, or roller derby, get in touch at to tell us about your current ability level and sign up for our fast-track programme. This weekly session will teach you how to apply your current skating skills to the game of roller derby. We strongly encourage you to read the rules of flat track roller derby before attending this session.

A minimum skills assessment must be successfully completed by all new skaters before any full-contact training can take place.

Want to Know More?

To find out more about the Knights, get in touch at, and make sure you like our Facebook page for regular updates. To learn more about men’s roller derby, check out the MRDA’s website.